OÛJINI  |  Pronounced [oo-ji-nee]
Meaning  |  Wellborn, Empowered and Noble
Symbolises  |  Delicate, Exotic, Graceful, Strength, Love, Opulence and Natural Beauty
Your Experience
Indulge in the uniqueness of opulent beauty and lifestyle inspired by nature. Exude confidence and self-love with our beautiful, luxurious collection of signature skincare essentials, formulated using natural, pure, organic and active Australian ingredients to rejuvenate, renew and repair naturally.

Proudly an authentic Australian brand creating an indulgent experience that emanates a sense of flawless elegance, simplicity, sophistication, class and gracefulness whilst ensuring the integrity of quality. 

Our Brand
OÛJINI was founded after years of personally suffering from PCOS and related hormonal conditions that were being exasperated due to the amount of harmful toxins exposed to via everyday essentials such as skincare and make-up. I began switching my products for what I thought were natural alternatives however struggled to find genuinely natural, pure and clean products that were made using locally sourced ingredients. I trusted brands that I thought were genuine due to their ‘popularity’, however later realised this to not be the case as many had hidden toxins such as artificial preservatives and fragrances.
We have spent over 7 years researching, designing, formulating and testing to create a collection of natural, result driven and luxury skincare that is honest and genuinely clean from any harmful toxins. We only use the highest quality in locally Australian sourced ingredients and have formulated our collections with your health and wellbeing in mind.

We are Vegan, Cruelty Free, Pregnancy Safe, Ethical and Inclusive and offer various collections for all skincare types.

Our Logo

In designing our brand we wanted to ensure our logo reflected what we represented and hence the beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid was chosen due to its strong symbolism of femininity in all its glory.
The Orchid Symbolises
Love, Beauty, Fertility, Refinement, Thoughtfulness, Peace, Purity, Charm, Grace, Strength, Delicate, Luxury, Exotic, Empowered.

We have named our collections and products to help remind you to love yourself every single day. They are your affirmations to keep you positive and inspired no matter how you may be feeling. Repeat the below affirmations daily and believe them because it's true:

  • I Am Amazing
  • I Am Positive
  • I Am Happy
  • I Am Worthy
  • I Am Capable
  • I Am Strong
  • I Am Beautiful
  • I Am Empowered
  • I Am Loving
  • I Am ME

    We know you will love our collections just as much as we have loved creating them for you!

    Much Love, 

    Team OÛJINI