Luxury Rose Quartz Beauté Roller with Application Brush


Make love to your skin with our Rose Quartz beauty tool for a luxurious skincare experience in the comfort of your own home...

How to Skinlove

Application Brush

Apply your skincare directly onto the silicone application brush and using smooth brushstroke motions apply to your skin. 

Rose Quartz Roller
Slowly glide the Rose quartz roller over your skin for a gentle deep massage allowing the textured ridges to enhance the effects of the skincare absorbing into your skin, and the coolness of the quartz emoting feelings of surprise (lots of oohs and ahhs!) as it rejuvenates, repairs and restores leaving your skin luxuriously smooth, luminous and invigorated...skingasm at its finest!

Follow the instructions in the card provided to experience the full benefits and get the best results.

Beauty Tip: Store the beauty roller in the fridge or freezer for longer cooling and better results.

Why I'm Beautiful

Not only am I gloriously gorgeous with a rose gold matt finish but I am made using high quality Zinc alloy metal to ensure I am solid, strong and rust proof.

Application Brush
You'll be brushing me over your skin just because, with the highest grade quality in skin and food safe silicone that is oh so soft and durable.

Rose Quartz Roller 
I'll have you wanting more once you experience the highest quality in naturally mined 100% pure Rose Quartz against your skin...I've been carved with small textured ridges for a deeper out of this world massage experience making you want to roll for days.

Rose Quartz Handle
Made using the highest quality in naturally mined 100% pure Rose Quartz with a smooth curved shape for an effortlessly comfortable hold so you'll never let me go.



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